Milestone 1 - Pre-Implementation Tasks

In order to begin PIPE onboarding, it is required to complete PIPE Pre-Implementation Tasks. 

  1. Watch this Kick-off webinar 
  2. Review these PIPE Onboarding resources 
  3. Complete Readiness Assessment: Contact MNCM for the Password
  4. Fully Executed PIPE Business Associate Agreement: This has been sent to your primary contact via DocuSign. 
  5. Request new user account(s) for the Upload site, Sandbox, Production site, and Secure File Transfer sites. MNCM will send you a link to request the accounts after the BAA and readiness are completed.  
Milestone Specific Resources

Once the above steps have been complete, MNCM will contact your organization's primary contact to schedule a meeting to begin PIPE onboarding. 
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