Milestone 2B - Query and Data File Format (Second File Set)

Now that the first set of files have been build, you may now start building the second set. These files can be built in any order. These files have unique situations in which data should be pulled. Refer to the PIPE File Extract Guide or Video for further clarification.

The second file set includes:
  • Blood Pressure
  • Lab/Procedure
  • PRO Assessment
  • Chemotherapy
  • Asthma Education and Self-Management
  • Demographic

  1. Once these queries have been created, you will send the queries to your Project Coordinator via email. 
  2. Query Audits*: Your team will walk your Project Coordinator through each line to ensure that data is being pulled accurately with no limitations.
  3. File Format Audits*: Your team will pull one month of data (e.g., January 2019) and via screen share, the file will be opened in Excel to verify the data is populating as expected. The data does not need to be sent to MNCM. 

    *The Query and File Format audits will occur in the same meeting based on which files are complete (e.g., Encounter and Problem List queries are complete --> 
    Meeting will begin with Query then File Format Audit for both files)

Milestone Specific Resources
  • PIPE Field Specifications: This document lists the specific data elements in the above files. Required elements must have data populated, whereas situation elements should be populated as accurately represented in your EMR. 
  • PIPE File Extract Guide: This document explains why there are two separate file sets when developing queries and the different methods in relation to the demographic file.
  • PIPE File Extract Video:  This video explains the File Extract Guide in further detail.
  • PIPE Data File Template: This document provides an example of how the queries should export data with headers. There should be one CSV per file (do not have multiple tabs in one file). 
  • PIPE FAQ: This page lists commonly asked questions that you may encounter while working through the queries. 

Please contact your designated Project Coordinator or for further questions. 
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