NEW PIPE Data File Field Specifications v2.1

Please see the attached new Process Intelligence Performance Engine (PIPE) Data File Field Specifications v2.1. 

The following new data elements will support special projects (as authorized by your organization) and other data analysis. These data will be collected in the Demographic file.

  1. Added fields for special projects (patient research consent, patient name, patient phone)
  2. Added field for Patient Gender Identity
  3. Added field for Patient Sexual Orientation

The Asthma Management Plan file (communicated earlier this fall) contains the fields for collecting data elements that are used to calculate the Asthma Education and Self-Management (AESM) measure for the Statewide Quality Reporting and Measurement System. 

No historical data (2019-2022) that has already been imported in PIPE needs to be resubmitted. The additional data fields in the Demographic file will be collected for special projects going forward, and they can be added to your queries in 2023. For applicable practices (primary care, pediatric, allergy/immunology, pulmonology), you will need to extract and submit data for the Asthma Management Plan file to calculate the AESM measure in PIPE for MY2022 Reporting.

If your organization hasn’t begun onboarding to PIPE yet, these fields will be part of the data extracts. 

Creation date: 10/27/2020 1:32 PM      Updated: 1/31/2023 8:16 AM
PIPE Data File Field Specifications v2.1 FINAL.pdf
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