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PIPE Onboarding - Assessment and Readiness Confirmation

Welcome to MN Community Measurement's PIPE Onboarding page! This page includes links to information, resources, and tools for organizations who are preparing to implement MNCM's new data collection technology Process Intelligence Performance Engine (PIPE). 

First, organizations will need to assess their readiness before beginning the 8-week PIPE implementation. To guide your assessment, please download and complete the PIPE Assessment and Readiness Confirmation form (attached below). After you have completed the assessment, please sign the confirmation and return to MNCM.

Other Important PIPE Information:
Creation date: 9/21/2021 4:03 PM (larsen@mncm.org)      Updated: 11/16/2021 12:40 PM (larsen@mncm.org)
PIPE Assessment and Readiness Confirmation.docx
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This category is for questions related to the PIPE (Process Intelligence Performance Engine).