PIPE Supplemental Guide: Orthopedic Measure Calculations and Value Set

Measure specifications:

These specifications are for information purposes only. DO NOT apply these specifications when building PIPE data extracts. The PIPE system applies these specifications when calculating clinical quality measures. The specifications for building PIPE data extracts can be found here:  https://helpdesk.mncm.org/helpdesk/KB; please contact support@mncm.org with questions.

MNCM will restart data collection for the total knee replacement, and spine (lumbar fusion, lumbar discectomy/laminectomy) measures. Procedures for the total knee and lumbar fusion measures begin on 10/01/2021, and procedures for lumbar discectomy/laminectomy begin on 01/01/2022. These dates prepare for the first reporting of the redesigned measures which will begin with the 2023 Measurement Year (reported in 2024). 

For information about the redesign of these measures, please see the Orthopedic Changes 2023 MY Implementation pdf attached below. 

Data collection for these measures will be through MNCM’s PIPE program. There will not be a mechanism to collect these measures through DDS. MNCM will be reaching out to practices to establish a timeline for their PIPE implementation. Historical information about the redesign of the measures before they were temporarily suspended can be found here.

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