Milestone 3 - Sandbox Imports and Verify Data Extract

Now that you have completed the query and file format audits, you may begin uploading your PIPE data to the Sandbox Testing site. Refer to the General PIPE Sandbox and Production Portal Walkthrough Video for further clarification on how to do so.


  1. DDS Registration Migration: MNCM facilitates transfer of clinic information from the DDS portal to the PIPE Sandbox site. Medical group verifies the registered clinics.
  2. Sample Import: Medical group imports initial data set into PIPE Sandbox site.
  3. Error Review: Medical group and MNCM evaluate import errors together. A small proportion of errors are expected. This is acceptable if the errors match the patient's record in your EMR. 
  4. Primary Source Verification 1 (PSV1): Medical group participates in audit with MNCM to verify that all associated patient encounters and clinical data in the electronic record were captured in the PIPE files. As necessary, medical groups make query adjustments and verifies changes with MNCM.

Milestone Specific Resources:

Please contact your designated Project Coordinator or for further questions. 

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