Milestone 4 - Production Data Uploads, Measure Calculations, and Final Validations

Once you have completed all work within the Sandbox Portal, you will be ready to begin your final stretch of onboarding within the PIPE Production site. At this point, you will now be working with live data that will be used for official measure calculations. It is crucial that all tasks are properly completed to avoid unnecessary errors.

  1. Medical Group Registration: Your medical group will need to confirm your registration that was migrated from DDS. Any registration changes necessary for data testing will be corrected at this stage, but most registration updates will be done when annual registration opens. 
  2. Cross-mapping: If your medical group does not have standard codes for required medications and allergies, you will need to submit a cross-map file that links your internal codes to our value set. MNCM will then work with you to review the codes to determine eligibility for inclusion.
  3. Historical Data Upload 1: Your medical group will now upload the first of two necessary historical data sets to the PIPE Production system. This first set will include data for 2019 dates of service. 
  4. Custom Measure Period: Your medical group will now create your first custom measure period. This will be for 2019 dates of service and used for test calculations. 
  5. Calculation of Measure Results: Once the first historical data set has been uploaded without errors, you will now calculate preliminary test measure rates. MNCM will work with your team to compare these rates and measure populations to your recent 2019 submission results. Note: Depression test calculations will not be available until three full years of historical data set has been uploaded. 
  6. Historical Data Upload 2: Once rates and populations have been verified based on the first historical data set, your medical group will now upload the rest of required historical data. This includes data from 2020 through the end of 2022. 
  7. RELC and Insurance Validation: Race, Ethnicity, Language, Country of Origin, and insurance data will be validated using the previously calculated measure results. 
  8. Primary Source Verification 2 (PSV2): At this stage, your medical group will participate in measure-specific validation with MNCM to verify numerator compliance and denominator exclusion. This will operate similar to previous audits under DDS. If errors are identified, query adjustments may be made, and reimporting of data may be necessary. All adjustments will be re-validated by the MNCM team. 

Milestone-Specific Resources

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