Preliminary 2023 MY Statewide Clinical Quality Measure Results for Medical Group Review until April 21st

This is your official opportunity to review and comment on the preliminary clinical quality performance measure results for your medical group. This email includes information on the data review, comment, and appeal process, and expected public reporting timeline.

2023 dates of service are reflected in these results unless otherwise noted.

Measures and Reporting
Measures included in this review are the following:

  1. Adolescent Mental Health and/or Depression Screening
  2. Colorectal Cancer Screening
  3. Optimal Asthma Control - Adult
  4. Optimal Asthma Control - Child
  5. Optimal Diabetes Care
  6. Optimal Vascular Care
  7. Depression Care, Process and Outcome Measures – Adult*
  8. Depression Care, Process and Outcome Measures – Adolescent*

*PHQ-9 Utilization measurement period 09/01/2023-12/31/2023. Outcome measure index period 11/01/2021-10/31/2022 with accompanying six- and 12-month follow-up assessments through 12/31/2023

Measures are reported at the clinic and medical group levels. They are calculated from data abstracted and submitted by clinics and are independently validated by MNCM. Measures that are part of the Statewide Quality Reporting and Measurement System slate are included in this review. MNCM publicly reports results with the exception of the Asthma Education and Self-Management measures.

Results Review and Public Reporting

Please note that the results in the data files are preliminary and are not final until all data validation, including this review period, are complete. Also, please note that the review files and results are considered confidential.

If you notice that a clinic is unlisted, the clinic had less than 30 patients reported, or the measure was not applicable to that practice. To be publicly reported, a clinic must meet data reliability standards by having at least 30 eligible patients. This review includes results of clinics and medical groups that will be publicly reported. Data from all clinics – both publicly reported and not – are included in the rolled up medical group and statewide rates.

Performance ratings (e.g., Top, Above Average, Average, Below Average) are not included in this review but will be available for preview prior to public reporting of final risk adjusted results.

Comment Process
Comments, questions and other feedback will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 4. Please contact MNCM at or 612-746-4522.
Each medical group is responsible for reviewing its own preliminary results, investigating any concerns, and submitting evidence to MNCM if a change in results is requested. In that event, MNCM staff will review the information provided and decide whether to publicly report the results based upon the evidence submitted.

Appeals Process
If our decision does not favor the medical group/clinic, a formal written appeal may be submitted. Medical groups have two weeks from the date of our decision to submit a formal appeal. Supporting evidence must be submitted with the appeal.

Only concerns about publicly reported results are subject to appeal. It is extremely rare for MNCM to change performance results unless a medical group/clinic provides evidence of an error, or a pattern of data errors can be identified by MNCM based on multiple comments. Feedback regarding the definition of a measure, patient attribution methodology, or other data collection methods are not subject to appeal; however, they will be forwarded to the MNCM Measurement and Reporting Committee.

To file an appeal, a medical group must submit it in writing (email preferred) to Liz Cinqueonce, President, and CEO of MN Community Measurement ( 
The President will review your appeal and make a recommendation to the MNCM Data Integrity and Use Committee which makes final decisions about the dispensation of appeals.

We appreciate your time in reviewing these results.
Thank you!
MN Community Measurement

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