MNCARES Information Page for Clinics - Primary Cohort 2022 Submission

Welcome to MNCARES!  The Primary Cohort includes patients who started care coordination in calendar year 2021. After consideration, data elements for three new components have been added to the data specifications for this cohort: HbA1c, blood pressures, and height/weight. These three additional measures will greatly improve our ability to measure changes in clinical outcomes from care coordination. 

The following documents and templates are available for download on this page below:
  • Primary Cohort Specifications v1.0
  • Primary Cohort Data File Templates 1-5

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Creation date: 3/29/2022 4:42 PM      Updated: 5/13/2022 8:22 AM
MNCARES Clinic Data Field Specifications - Primary Cohort v1.0.pdf
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MNCARES Template File 1 - Demographic.csv
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MNCARES Template File 2 - Problem List.csv
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MNCARES Template File 3 - HbA1c.csv
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MNCARES Template File 4 - Blood Pressures.csv
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MNCARES Template File 5 - Height and Weight.csv
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