PIPE Readiness Assessment and Confirmation Form

Welcome to PIPE! 

Every medical group will need to complete the readiness assessment and it is not acceptable for EMR vendors or authorized parents.  It is best if the primary contact for each medical group completes the form. 

Primary Contact: Medical Group employee that manages the PIPE onboarding project for the medical group and is the main point of contact from your group. 

Please contact support@mncm.org to obtain a password. 

A pdf copy of the assessment is attached to the bottom of this article to allow groups review questions and prepare answers before accessing the typeform. It is not possible to complete the assessment using the pdf. 

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!

Creation date: 3/24/2022 10:50 AM      Updated: 5/10/2023 1:49 PM
PIPE Assessment and Readiness Confirmation v2 for medical groups.pdf
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