What does the COVID-19 pandemic mean for health care measurement and reporting?

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to upend business as usual in health care, many people are wondering what it will mean for health care quality and cost measurement and reporting. In the near term, there are questions about data collection to measure 2019 health care provider and health plan performance. In the longer term, there are many other questions to consider, such as how future measurement and public reporting will account for disruptions in health care delivery during the pandemic and how it will evolve to reflect changes in health care delivery that are likely to be permanent – such as increased use of virtual health care visits.

2020 data collection (2019 performance year):  Because data collection was largely complete before major COVID-19-related disruptions began, MNCM is on track to have final results on time and is working with stakeholders on a case-by-case basis to accommodate extensions as needed. MNCM plans to send preliminary statewide results for Direct Data Submission (DDS) measures to medical groups for a two-week review and comment period April 14 to 28. Medical groups that anticipate they will be unable to complete all requested review should contact support@mncm.org or 612-746-4522.

The COVID-19 Resources page was created to monitor changes that are happening to health care measurement efforts in Minnesota and nationally. The page includes current information on how MNCM measurement activities are changing, and it is also intended to serve as a go-to resource for up to date information and links to what the federal government, the state of Minnesota, and the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) have announced in terms of their requirements and data collection. The situation continues to evolve, so we encourage you to check this page for updates and let us know if there are additional resources that would be helpful for us to include.

Approach for 2020 and beyond:  In June, MNCM will engage the Measurement and Reporting Committee (MARC) to develop recommendations on the approach for quality measurement and reporting for 2020 and beyond. The recommendations will be shared with the community for broader input before final determinations are made. MNCM welcomes information from stakeholders on efforts to analyze and estimate the impacts of COVID-19 on clinical quality performance and actions being taken to mitigate impacts to quality of care. Information can be provided by email to support@mncm.org. 

Creation date: 4/13/2020 12:52 PM      Updated: 4/13/2020 1:32 PM
MNCM’s Consideration of the Impact of COVID-19 on Future Quality Measurement and Reporting