Handbook on the Collection of Race, Ethnicity, Preferred Language, and Country of Origin Data in Medical Groups

Developed by MN Community Measurement (MNCM) in collaboration with medical groups and community members, the Handbook on the Collection of Race/Ethnicity/Language Data in Medical Groups establishes a standard set of data elements for collecting race, ethnicity and language data from medical groups and clinics that submit clinical quality data to MNCM. The handbook outlines the case for collecting these data, tips on how to establish a successful data collection system, and ideas for how to use the data to improve quality.
Creation date: 9/13/2019 3:37 PM (krier@mncm.org)      Updated: 11/17/2021 10:41 AM (larsen@mncm.org)
Handbook on the Collection with Addendum 10.21.10 FINAL.pdf
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