Depression clinic -99

Patients may have PHQ-9/PHQ-9M tests administered while at a hospital-based clinic, during an inpatient stay, or at a clinic that is not assigned to the Depression Care measures (i.e., OBGYN). These are not part of the ambulatory care intent of the measure, but they are an important part of a team approach to patient care as well as the patient’s PHQ-9 history.  As a work around to submit these scores for follow-up credit, it’s acceptable to populate the Clinic ID of the record with -99.  This will allow the score to be recorded to patients with established indexes, but will not generate a new index.

Code 9=OB/GYN is listed as a specialty in the data field specifications because OB/GYN providers often may assess patients’ depression symptoms and those follow-up scores would contribute to the calculation of the 6- and 12-month follow-up and outcome (response, remission) measures. The OB/GYN specialty (and other out-of-scope specialties) are not included in the clinic level population counts – only include the eligible specialties. However, OB/GYN and other specialties are included in the patient level data file for the purpose of identifying all possible follow-up scores.

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