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Diabetes and Vascular measures: MNCM aspirin requirements and 2018 aspirin guidelines

The aspirin guidelines released in 2018 by the American College of Cardiology relate to the use of aspirin for the primary prevention of a cardiovascular event (e.g., heart attack, stroke) if the potential benefit outweighs bleeding risk after clinician-patient risk discussion. Daily aspirin is indicated for secondary prevention when cardiovascular disease is known or an event has occurred. 

The aspirin/anti-platelet component in the Optimal Diabetes Care and Optimal Vascular Care measures remains as follows:
  • aspirin or anti-platelet expected for all patients with ischemic vascular disease unless a contraindication is documented. 
  • in the diabetes measure, those patients with the field “Patient has IVD” = 0 (No) are given a “free pass” for the component because they do not have IVD; those patients with the field “Patient has IVD” = 1 (Yes) are expected to be on daily aspirin or anti-platelets unless a contraindication is documented. 
Reference:  ACC's Clinician Guide to the ABCs of Primary and Secondary Prevention of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease article:  https://www.acc.org/latest-in-cardiology/articles/2018/03/30/18/34/clinician-guide-to-the-abcs
Creation date: 3/27/2019 3:07 PM (kormanik@mncm.org)      Updated: 1/27/2020 1:17 PM (larsen@mncm.org)
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