Steps for saving an excel file as a csv file

1.Save the data file as an Excel workbook once all of the information is correct
2. Click "Save as" and select CSV (Comma delimited) to save the excel file as a CSV file 

3.On the portal, please select the CSV file to upload it onto the portal

Helpful tips if you receive errors: 
-You may need to delete the top (header) row. 
-If you receive any warnings, try copying and pasting the file onto the measure template, which is located on the resources tab in the data portal.
-Warnings will not prevent your file from being submitted.  Warnings are intended as an FYI to check and make sure the data is accurate.  If a patient is not numerator compliant, the portal will create a warning to make sure this is correct.  

If the encoding for the CSV file is UTF-8 BOT of ANSI, please use the attached instructions to update the encoding to UTF-8. Please do not save the file as CSV UTF-8. 
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