Total Knee Replacement PRO tools

Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Tools

  1. Best Practices for Total Knee Replacement Patient-Reported Outcome Tool Administration
    >> Key staff from seven high-performing medical groups were asked to participate in a survey to identify workflow practices and methods that led to higher PRO tool administration rates in their clinics. The findings are part of the attached medical group resource document. 
  2. Oxford Knee Score (OKS) Tool
  3. Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score for Joint Replacement (KOOS, JR.)  
  4. PROMIS Global Health 10 v1.1 (English)
  5. PROMIS Global Health 10 v1.1 (Spanish)
  6. PROMIS Global Health 10 v1.1 Scoring Guide
Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Tools
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