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Consideration of blood pressure guidelines

In 2018, MNCM formed a workgroup to explore a potential redesign of the blood pressure component for the Optimal Diabetes Care and Optimal Vascular Care measures as a result of new guidelines from the American Academy of Cardiology and the American Heart Association for the prevention, diagnosis and management of hypertension in adults.

The work group’s scope of redesign included potential changes to: 

•The blood pressure component <140/90
•The use of ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) and home blood pressure monitoring (HBP)

After thoughtful and thorough discussion, the work group reached consensus that the blood pressure target remain unchanged, <140/90 for both measures.

Based on workgroup review and discussion at that time, there was no knowledge of any practice that was receiving electronically transmitted blood pressure values and storing them in their EHR.  Therefore, ambulatory and home blood pressure readings will continue to not be accepted for quality reporting. 

These recommendations were reviewed and approved by the MNCM Measurement and Reporting Committee (MARC) on 5/9/2018. See attached document for additional background.
Creation date: 10/30/2018 2:00 PM (kormanik@mncm.org)      Updated: 7/7/2020 2:40 PM (kormanik@mncm.org)
BP Component Recommendations 5-9-2018_Final.pdf
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