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Acceptable Blood Pressure Readings for Quality Measures

Please see the following updates and clarifications for acceptable blood pressure readings for the quality measures. Guidance comes from interpretation of NCQA’s Controlling High Blood Pressure HEDIS© measure and feedback from CMS who indicated that patient recorded blood pressures documented in patient portal notes (e.g., MyChart message) would not be acceptable.

Accepted Blood Pressure Readings:

  • Taken during an office visit or in a clinic or outpatient setting (e.g., nurse blood pressure check)
  • Taken by the patient on a digital device in the context of a virtual visit (online or telephone); can be documented into the EMR by the provider (clinic staff)
  • Values electronically transmitted from a remote monitoring device directly to an EMR. Blood pressures obtained via remote monitoring devices that transmit directly to the EMR do not need to be within the context of a virtual visit (online or telephone). See the NCQA value set attached below this article for guidance on acceptable remote blood pressure monitoring devices.
  • Taken by an outside provider if the result is documented in the reporting medical group's patient record and is the most recent test result during the measurement period

Not Accepted Blood Pressure Readings:

  • Taken by the patient and submitted as a note or communication within a patient portal (not in the context of a virtual visit) 
  • Taken during an acute inpatient stay or an ED visit
  • Taken during an outpatient visit which was for the sole purpose of having a diagnostic test or surgical procedure performed 
  • Obtained the same day as a major diagnostic or surgical procedure
Creation date: 10/30/2018 12:26 PM (kormanik@mncm.org)      Updated: 1/18/2021 11:30 AM (larsen@mncm.org)
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